Monday, 23 August 2010


Our Uk headline tour was fucking unreal ...we sold out all shows bar one and had amazing touring support bands along with us...... Big boy love to catrovalva and blacklisters .

Barrow -in-Furness: Were sorry we were rudely interrupted and shut down by the cops . Security guards don't mean shit at a kong show but the pig's can hussle old magpie here off to jail in a split second , so again were sorry and will play an extended set at our next show there !

Moor festival: Next time you hippies decide to book bands maybe check them out before you do.
We have been banned from future events for inciting a stage invasion and supposedly being drunk and disorderly ? We may drink Jack Daniels like T-model and Spam but believe me were good drunks and never throw around bad vibes in any situation . If i decide to smash the shit out of my guitar or for that matter any of our gear thats our prerogative and in no way disorderly . As soon as i saw a young kid on the stage (around 10 years old ) i stopped to high 5 him and made sure he was safe , sound and more importantly rocking out with a beaming smile on his grill!

Glasgow /Preston / London / Brighton : were all highlights and i cant thank you enough for loosing it a little and getting freaky ! i always said it takes 2 years to get into kong and you all proving me right tour i want more than naked dudes though ...girls you gotta get involved in the strip show .

Ill post a more detailed account of the tour when im on free internet but for now many thanks :
Debbie Clare
Brother Clare
Big Slice (Tour manager)
Canny Boy ( Hostage for 5 days)
Grifftorious ( Guitar Tech )
Whalley ( BBQ King )
Brothers Brew
Rocksound Magazine
XYZ Magazine
Blacklisters ( Favourite Uk band right now )
Castrovalva ( ohh and anthony's Mam n step Dad )

and anyone else who made this happen

last but not least
Jack Daniels

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  1. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I read your tweets about the cops night... That was shit, definitely.

    Hope you're still active when I move to the UK (or when you make it to Spain during a European tour, that'd be awesome).

    Love your music, your madness, your subliminal messages and each noise blast you throw off your gear. Waiting for a next release, =)