Wednesday, 15 September 2010


So we played a game of crown green bowling in Chorlton ( Poor man's Manchester) for Chimp Magazine . Myself and Lulu went up against some rapper guy from Broken English and the editor of the magazine. Id never played the ,piece of shit , game before but that didn't stop me n lulu coming home with the anual trophy (snow globe) . To be honest you have to be either a widow or real fucking ugly to play crown green ; and on that note there is no females anywhere in sight. We were treated to a pre game beer that was as thick as maccy dees milkshake and tasted like donkey shit all in all if your thinking of taking up a new sport id suggest anything but bowls time run a wrestling competition and send 50 cent! ill drop his gangster ass in the squared circle for a snow globe any day of the week !

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